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 Welcome To ChoujiRO ForumS!

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Welcome To ChoujiRO ForumS! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome To ChoujiRO ForumS!   Welcome To ChoujiRO ForumS! Empty12.05.09 11:15

After a hard days work i manage to finish the basic things on making this site!

it was harder than i thought but look where it is now! hahaha...

I welcome you to the Chouji Ragnarok Online Forums section!
Browse our forum site for ideas from our fellow Choujians,
Dont let your Ideas Pass away, post what's on your mind in our Forums!

First up!
Our Frontpage News & Events, Here you will see the LATEST of the LATEST in the ChoujiRO world! Admins and Mods Post their announcements here so dont forget to check this one regularly! you dont wanna miss out on the happenings!

Got some problems? Found a bug?? or you have something in mind that you think is good for the site?? Post it here at our Feed back Suggestion Support Forum!

Socialize!hey, no man is an island! yes its true! now let the whole world know that you are existing! Introduce your self to other Members!

I smell the scent of war... you wont survive without a guild! Aspiring to be a guild master?? do you have the guts to make your guild win? Post your Applications Here at our Guild Master section!

If your Idea does not belong to the other forums, it do belong here at the Random Area!
Post Anything in our Kanto Corner!.. when i said anything, i mean anything! yah, anything!!!

The Request Section lives by its name! post your request there!
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Welcome To ChoujiRO ForumS!
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