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 Hybrid Stalker Build

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Hybrid Stalker Build Empty
PostSubject: Hybrid Stalker Build   Hybrid Stalker Build Empty01.06.09 9:40

Hybrid Stalker Build
Posted on August 27th, 2008 by Poki

Well, I’ve decided to post a gigantic guide for as many classes I can think of. This guide does not include custom items, MVP cards, and no donated items. However, it includes equipment, stats, and tactic plays.

This is my guide, and no one else’s. You do not have to use these builds and if you do, don’t fail at it.

I will also not add any upgrades (+10) to equipments because it is up to you, not me. If it were to be my choice, I would enslave you in to upgrading your equipments to +99, which is unlikely.

These builds are for LOW RATE and LOW RATE ONLY… 99/70

If you have any questions about a certain build, feel free to ask. I’ll do my best to answer them.



* Feather Beret
* Angel/Devil Wing Ears
* Orleans’ Plate [ Thara Frog Card ]
* Glittering Jacket x2 [ Sasquatch Card & Peco Peco Card ] — and Evil Druid Card if you’re pro.
* Saber[3] [ Two Skeleton Worker Cards & Hydra Card ]
* Wool Scarf x2 [ Raydric & Punk Card ]
* Tidal Shoes [ Verit Card ]
* Ring [1] x2 [ Mantis Card ]

Rough Stats:

* STR: 80+ (excluding bonuses)
* AGI: 1
* VIT: 80+ (excluding bonuses)
* INT: 80+ (excluding bonuses)
* DEX: 1
* LUK: 1


I will not explain the details in what skills you need to place your skill point in (Use the skill simulator: and just a side note: It will be difficult on your behalf to find out what skills I have chosen for this class)

You were given two Wool scarf and two Glittering Jackets. I’ll first explain why you have them before we go on to how your game play should be like. First off, your sasquatch card in one glittering jacket is there for players with massive attack speed, players who cloak too much, and players who do massive amounts of damage in one hit.

The sasquatch will come in against those players because once they’re frozen, they’re likely to be stripped by YOU.

If it doesn’t come in handy, bring some frost diver scrolls, test it out on them. If they don’t freeze, it’s because they have marc card. But don’t you fret, you still have one more trick up your sleeve.

Using your given backslide skill, use it frequently after every hit you take up close or far away. Once you’re out of sight, use hide and proceed slowly to your enemy. Uncloak yourself and strip ONCE and quickly position yourself for massive back sliding. Use this method if they do a lot of damage in one blow, or if they have insane attack speed, do not use this on weak players who can’t hurt, or players who cloak against you.

When fighting someone with marc card, just switch armour in to the Peco peco for the HP advantage. I advise using Peco peco in woe instead of Sasquatch card in woe. Just a heads up.

Anyways, you have the basics in to stripping a player. Next up is how to kill:

Your main killing technique is the lost forgotten skill that barely anyone uses (That I see): Backstab.

This skill will do 2.8k to players with no good defence and cards.

This skill will do 2.2k to players with average equips.

This skill will do 1.8k to Lord knights, paladins, and high priests.

You will be seeing 2.4k mainly however, because before you begin fighting, you start off with the “Stripping phases“

Backstab is a very tricky skill. You have to be behind them in order to use the skill. I don’t advise anyone who can’t control their characters properly to use my build. If you can, then you should be able to play like me, a walking backstab machine.

Stone throw is a handy skill. Use it often to get far range people to stun so that you can come near to them, and against casters. It’s very handy, trust me.

It’s nearly impossible for you to die. You can also fight players with MVP cards and still win, but barely. It depends on your skills and control with the character (and luck, for those who like to believe in that).

Overall look:

* 14k HP
* 2k SP
* 2.6k Damage per skill hit from backstab
* 2016 Per heal
* Never miss
* Able to strip and freeze
* Defence is near a Lord Knight’s defence

A pally on sacrifice build with tao gunka can not kill you. A sinX with full Sonic blow equips on EDP can sometimes kill you. You can also either kill them or render them useless by stripping. The classes that you can’t kill are those with high HP who either heal, or pot spam.

Your plagiarized skill is: Heal


5 + 2 * Skill Level + (Your DEX - Enemy DEX) / 5
If you had 1 DEX and they had 900:
5 + 10 + (1-900) / 5
15 + -899 / 5

You obviously see where this is going. But in RO, you can’t go negative so you go to 0, meaning it becomes 15 - 0. Therefore your strip chance will always be 15%. And by the way, even if you do have 90 dex over 30, that’s only like what? 60 / 5? Good luck with the wasted stat points just to get a +12%. I’d rather use them on vit for the hp and DEF.

The skill heal is helpful as it may support allies. It also gives you a reason for INT as it gives you MDEF and INT. Int will lower the need of SP pots. It will be good for you if you can use both heal and pots and yes, you will outlast any other stalker like those noobs on the bottom of this page that have suggested builds that are pathetic.

In addition, please note that Bowling Bash may deal more damage, but you require DEX. With Backstab, you don’t and your damage is not that far away from Bowling bash. With the extra stat points, it’s a good win for Backstab over Bowling Bash. Also, you don’t have to ever worry about missing.

thx to poki..^^

I am J
and this is my dragon...
pet my long thick dragon.... lol

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Hybrid Stalker Build
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