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 Rules And Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules And Regulations   Rules And Regulations Empty12.05.09 13:12

Like all communities, there are rules.

You can see the Basic Rules Here:

And now i give you the Forum Rules:

1)Speak in English.
-No matter how bad you are in english, it is a must here in the forums.
-In this way, all of the players and/or lurkers will understand the topics we post. Thus, preventing the community to be at war.
-1st offense = ofcourse, a warning..
-2nd offense after a warning, your PUNISHMENT will be decided by the mods and admins.

2)No Spamming/Flooding, if you dont know the meaning of spam/flood then you should google it.
-1st offense = warning.
-2nd and so on.... = instant ban.
-spamming/flooding = more than 3 posts of the same sentences. so be careful.

3)Do not be a troll

4)Say Thank you once in a while.

5)Please Do your best not to post materials with sexuality in it.....for now. coz' there might be underaged players/lurkers around.
(dont worry, we will have a section for that..)

6)Offensive words should be avoided.
-you dont want to be called an a***ole right? just remember the golden rule...
-but there is always a reputation system, just remember that a rep = zeny

7)Always VOTE for ChoujiRO every 12hours...

8.)Post The Right Topic At The Right Category and Forum.

9)Be active in the forum once in a while.

10)Read The Forum Rules until you understand it very well


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Rules And Regulations
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